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Episode 3 - "Everything AI": Digging deeper into chatGPT

Join our guest, Mr. Zeeshan, a Data Engineer at the Department of Education, South Australia, as we dig deep into ChatGPT and its transformative capabilities. From understanding its applications to unraveling its potential impact, this episode promises to be an illuminating journey into the heart of artificial intelligence. Tune in now for an enriching discussion on the future of ChatGPT and its role in shaping tomorrow's interactions.

Episode 2 - "Unlocking Innovation with AI": a new eye at construction

Yasin Al Kaisi, founder of StonAI, came to Dr Ali @zaytrics with an idea of designing a system to make the processing of construction related documents easier using AI. Such a system reduces costs, makes automation easier and uses human resource more effectively. In this episode they break down the process and benefits, whilst also shedding light on where a system like this could advance to in the future.

Episode 1 - Research Reshaped": the uses and effects of AI

Welcome to today's podcast! In this episode, we're spotlighting Dr. Faheem Ullah, an assistant professor, and cyber security program director at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He's also the big data lead at crest, centre for research on engineering software technologies. With a focus on Ph.D. Insights, AI tools, research, and scholarships, Dr. Faheem bridges academia and practical applications. Beyond academia, he is actively involved in it consulting and information security, contributing his expertise to diverse industries. In a world where technology and security are becoming increasingly intertwined, Dr. Faheem Ullah stands as a beacon of expertise and a driving force in propelling us toward a more secure and knowledgeable future. Stay tuned as we unravel the layers of his accomplishments and explore the dynamic realm of computer science and cyber security.