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StonAI is a smart management system for your construction projects. stonAI allows you to connect departments, staff, and projects, which increases productivity by up to 40%. stonAI uses state-of-the-art machine / deep learning models to transform the unstructured information (within the PDF file) into structured form. These models are designed to handle a variety of documents like contracts, bills of quantities, letters, addendum, responsibility matrices, submittals, transmittals, etc.

True Crime (NFT Marketplace)

TrueCrime is a pioneer Trading Card Game and NFT Marketplace in the Cardano blockchain. It is completely developed with our own SmartContract using Haskell & Plutus. True Crime follows a very unique storyline, which has a relation with its NFTs. There are 43 unique NFTs each having multiple rarities. Other than that we have unique NFTs which will be given as a reward to the winners. Trading Card Game has a very intuitive story that increases the interest of the user to purchase packs. These packs help the user to fill their evidence banks. Moreover, you can also Sell your NFT on the marketplace.

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Case

We are honored to be working on the case. We are working on the social media dimension of the case. The aim of this project is build up evidence of whether their is a managed BOT operation going against each other. This is mainly an analysis project in which we are using AI components to analyze different aspect within the social media accounts.

Armando AI

This is a government funded project in which the aim is to identify criminal activities on the dark web. Armando is packed with many advanced AI components such as Captcha solvers, intelligent information extraction, risk assessment, forum dynamic content parsing, transaction analysis, profiler, and many analysis engines. Armando can help in detecting cyber crime, credit card theft, hacking, identity theft, drug trafficking, counterfeit, and many other criminal aspects.


Kraft is an NFT marketplace on ethereum. It is backed with PIKA tokens. In this marketplace, we implemented lazy minting via smart contracts in which the artist does not have to pay minting charges. The marketplace allows users to buy and sell their NFTs.

Trader Base

This project uses the cryptocurrency data to guide the user in making trades. it has two phases: the first phase is to use cryptocurrency API to fetch all the data in real-time. From this API, the system will provide query-based interfaces, where a proper syntax will be used to extract the required information. Apart from this, an analysis toolkit will be given so that the user can perform different forms of analysis. Finally, we will be providing an admin panel to control the client-side application. The aim is to develop a generic, plug & play system that allows us to add more components without increasing manpower.


Chappie is a call center solution with many AI features. The aim of the system is to assist agent in calling on different marketing campaigns. Chappie has an custom developed VOIP solution in which we developed everything from scratch. We have also developed many AI components to rate agent (in real-time conversation), suggest agent during customer conversation, and AI BOT to reduce the activities of Human. The Bot will be handling the marketing conversation without letting the user on the phone know about it.


Transcrypts is a Silicon valley startup. Transcrypts is designed to secure the university operations by using the block chain. The blockchain was designed to keep security and efficiency in mind. Every data that is exchange by the university will be share using a private block chain. The system has following key components: hyperledger fabric, payment gateway, IPFS, chaincode, document sharing, document verification, and many interesting components.


ALGA is a mobile application for the Ocean Marketplace developed in both on Android and IOS. The project was designed to help their user in trading and analyzing different data tokens available in the ocean marketplace. The application allows user to monitor and analyze trends of their favorite data tokens. Moreover, the application also allows users to add their wallet. The system also allows user to monitor certain transactions that would help in generating more revenue in the future. Finally, an AI component to assist users in predicting future trends, which also help in generating more revenue for the users.


OMNIS-BIT is a unique freelancer blockchain solution both on ETEHREUM and TRON blockchain. Currency used in this Dapp is OMB token hosted on TRON blockchain. Both Employer and Freelancer's Interest is secured through escrow and smart contracts. Freelancers can Create a Skill for Employers to approach and post orders or Employers can Post a project which would show up on Freelancers feed and they can bid upon it.


ALTRON Its an Investment Dapp which operated on TRON blockchain. It Operated on Aril Token which can be bought on JustSwap. Basically it was built for Aril Company whose sole purpose was to launch there token in the market and Regulate it for launching of there own private blockchain and a Taxi Application which would be operating on Aril Coin.

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