Assure Trust

A trust & will platform with the ability and focus on transparency to its customers.

Singapore & Global


Trust & Will’s


4 Team Members


Aug 22 to March 23

About Assure Trust

Assist users and Preceptsgroup in managing their wills and assets. The platform has private smart contract for enhanced security and transparent management of wills and investments.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to make Will’s information transparent while keeping the privacy of the user. The assure trust team was performing manual activities, which resulted in mistakes and not having a global view of the system.

The Outcome

We designed a smart contract for Assure Trust on the private Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, we implemented many data science components to assist the team in getting an overview of the current and upcoming activities. The platform allows users to change their Will at any instance that will be tracked by a private blockchain. After his/her demise, he/she can be rest assured that his Will is executed the way it was meant to be.
They are a good team with great understanding of the development lifecycle. They are responsible, responsive, efficient, and know exactly what they are doing.
Jeremy Tan
Product Manager - Assure Trust