IPD PAD and IDO PASS DAO are creating the upcoming wave of digital finance products.






5 Team Members


Oct 23 - Present


  • Cardano
  • React
  • NodeJs
  • AWS
  • GraphQL


  • UI/UX
  • Smart Contract
  • IPD Pad Tier System
  • Tokens Swap
  • Blockchain Analytic
  • Investment DAO
  • Admin Panel
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • DevOps


IDO PASS is a groundbreaking project in the digital finance sector, utilising cutting-edge technologies to transform investment opportunities. By integrating Cardano, Node JS, React JS, AWS, GraphQL, and other advanced technologies, IDO PASS has created a robust platform that ensures the authorisation of projects listed on its website. Investors can confidently invest in these projects, receiving tokens and profits in return. The platform’s core functionalities include a tier system for IPD Pad, NFT staking, token swapping, blockchain analytics, investment DAOs, and an admin panel for back-end and front-end development. Additionally, the platform utilises Cardano smart contracts and ADA for sales round payments, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

The Challenge

The development of IDO PASS presented numerous challenges, particularly in converting the design from Angular to React.js, integrating a sales round system with tier eligibility, and calculating user tiers based on blockchain assets. The conversion from Angular to React.js was critical, as the styling and component implementations differed significantly between the two frameworks. This required careful planning and execution using Vite React.js and theme-based styling.

One of the most complex challenges involved calculating user tiers based on the number of IDO tokens and NFTs held in users’ wallets. This required fetching detailed asset information from blockchain APIs using policy IDs, which was initially achieved through the KOIOS API. However, limitations on the number of entries fetched at a time necessitated the use of pagination techniques. Despite these efforts, the KOIOS API occasionally failed, prompting the development team to implement a fallback mechanism using Blockfrost APIs, which took significantly longer to calculate tiers.

Additionally, the platform had to ensure that users could only participate in active sales rounds, with each round having its own start and end times. Implementing a minimum and maximum fund entry for each round, as well as integrating a third-party swap module with matching design aesthetics, posed significant challenges.

The Outcome

Despite these challenges, the development team successfully delivered a comprehensive and user-friendly platform. The conversion from Angular to React.js was executed smoothly, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to the project’s timeline. The sales round system, including tier eligibility and dynamic participation conditions, was implemented effectively, enhancing the platform’s security and user experience.

The calculation of user tiers, initially relying on the KOIOS API, was refined to include a reliable fallback mechanism using Blockfrost APIs, ensuring the platform’s resilience against API failures. The integration of the swap module, despite design constraints, was successfully achieved, further enriching the platform’s offerings.

The admin panel, equipped with functionalities for generating reports, uploading snapshot user lists, and updating project information, provided a robust back-end for managing the platform’s operations. These outcomes underscore the project’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction in the digital finance space.


The development of IDO PASS represents a significant milestone in the digital finance sector, showcasing the potential of blockchain technology and advanced web development practices. Overcoming the challenges encountered during the project’s life-cycle, the development team has demonstrated exceptional skill and adaptability, delivering a platform that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its users. As IDO PASS continues to evolve, it stands poised to lead the next wave of digital finance products, setting new standards for security, usability, and innovation in the industry.