First AI based construction project assistance software that not only assist in risk mitigation but also saves cost.





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Feb 21 to Dec 22

About StonAI

StonAI is a new technology business focusing on enhancing and implementing advanced artificial intelligence models in project management. StonAI uses advanced AI models to manage your product and mitigate risk. It also saves 30% of the construction cost due to its cutting-edge AI models.

The Challenge

There are thousands of variations in the documentation used by the construction industry. These vary according to the contractor. The most important challenge is extracting key insights from various types of documents (like contracts, addendum, submittals, minutes of meetings, etc.) with accuracy and speed. Apart from this, all permutations of the documentation can not be acquired because it is too expensive. Finally, the system should allow the contextual search to help managers and staff find relevant information.

The Outcome

We design propriety deep learning models that help extract key information from varying formats with 90% accuracy. The models were infused with reinforcement learning that allows them to enhance themselves on the fly. Our creative team implemented a contextual search that assists users in getting relevant answers similar to ChatGPT. Our developed solution has been tested in the leading construction industry in the Gulf region. The results have shown 30% cost savings and efficiency.
My project had some difficult features to work on since some of the capabilities were not implemented in the research community. But Zaytrics and its innovative team made it happen for me. I recommend them to everyone.
Yaseen Alkaisi
Founder - StonAI