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Viseclub introduces the world’s first Financial NFTs Founder’s Eddition ‘Gold Diggers’ available exclusively on the Vise Marketplace.





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Sep 22 to Jan 23

About Vise Club

Viseclub is the first Financial NFTs Founder’s Eddition. These NFTs are backed by Real Gold, so every NFT you purchase, you get a legal agreement. Based on your investment, ViseClub returns a certain profit participation on your investment.

The Challenge

ViseClub allowed individuals to invest in NFTs from multichains while having the minting on the Cardano blockchain. Moreover, we had to maintain the SAFT agreement on blockchain metadata, which has to be transferred when the NFTs are sold to others. We had to keep the KYC of the user for legal purposes.

ViseClub wanted to enforce top notch security and privacy in their solution to avoid any malicious activities.

The Outcome

We designed a custom platform for ViseClub with the utmost security. We performed penetration testing and other countermeasures to ensure our security is at the highest standards. Apart from this, we implemented a custom solution to enable multichain transactions. Finally, we implemented a proprietary way to update the SAFT agreements.

Within one month of the official launch major NFTs are sold out, which shows the sucess of this project.

We had rapid development tasks for the FiNFTs marketplace in record time. Zaytrics did a commendable job by launching the product on time with the highest quality they could achieve in that time.
Eric Egnet
President - Vise Wealth